phone dumpage.

one: morning walk to work in the wee hours of the morning (…before 11 o’clock…) which i dread, dread, dread (but on the upside, isn’t utah pretty?)//two: trying to capture my frozen nose and eyes and breath while hiding the fact that i am taking a picture of myself but instead just looking like i am about to sneeze?//three: basketball game half-time show where women 50-90 came out and danced and DID THE SPLITS! (it was actually really disturbing…yikes)//four: dinner at the firehouse because a fire truck hit my roommate’s car!//five: the yummiest salad on the planet earth, or at least i’m almost sure//six: manicured!//seven: breakfast of champions. don’t you judge me!//eight: i bowled a strike (maybe if i say it nonchalantly it will seem like it’s happens often?)//nine: watching the snowman before running up the stairs to open christmas presents per always.

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