friday: game night.

tonight mr. joey and ms. lily hosted a fancy little game night complete with a fancy vegetable tray, fancy chips (they were shaped like mini-bowls! so you could just scoop the salsa up! so fancy!), and mediocre-fancy salsa. oh, and joey’s pet tarantula? it was all too much. we attempted playing cranium but then got confused and just played charades with the green ‘star performer’ cards instead…well, the girls played charades while the guys just sat on the couch and guessed as we flung ourselves all around the room and hummed different songs of sorts.

in other words, we jumped on the opportunity to have all the attention of the room! for free! did i mention the chips were like mini-bowls?!
we ended the night with a rancherito’s run for carne asada fries (I AM SORRY 1121 HALL!)(they make me incredibly burp-y)(…and just generally bubbly, generally), endless games of name-that-tune, and the brilliant idea to have game nights more often! because they’re fun and happy and good!
lily and joey are now the ‘fun couple’ in my book; such a coveted title! congrats, you two! go buy a plaque in fun, crazy colors and then smash it with hammers and have a jello fight? because you’re the fun couple? or something?

p.s. how big is andrew’s sweatshirt? what in the?


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