besides tripping over someone’s backpack that they were rolling behind them (WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING THAT?!) today, things have been groovy over here in provotown.

like, for instance, last night i went on a date (or was it?) and i got to talk the whole time! i just told stories and told some more stories and then made up some stories and told them. i also got a FREE large cookie which i split with my date (…or was he?)(we had a really awkward moment when i looked at the cookie and realized i had eaten nearly all of it; i’m kind of bad at sharing?). and we played catch phrase! i love catch phrase!

also  i don’t have class till eleven. ELEVEN! that number rings sweetly in a former 8:20 class attendee.

and the weather has been glorious. yesterday i wore a skirt and tights and a three-quarter sleeve shirt and i was warm! warm, i tell you!

and i like my science class? or at least i am almost sure?

AND! AND! i have a new show to watch (‘once upon a time’–thank you alyssa!), and new clothes to wear (thank you old navy sale!), and a new language to learn, and new boys to date? but probably not?

rah, rah! winter semester! you’re the best, like a crazy jester! or cheap polyester! or an empty nester?


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