squealing! squealing!

you guys, tomorrow is christmas EVE. which is almost, sometimes, basically better than christmas, essentially.

maybe i feel this way because i really like the hype, the wait, the anticipation. sometimes i get in really, really long lines just to be in them. por ejemplo! for example! when i was…thirteen…i once stood in a really, really long line at a water park in utah for a really, really tall slide. i loved the line. i had fun in the line. then once i got to the top, i didn’t go down the slide, to obvious! nay! rather i marched all the way back down to my mom and then later in the day went through the hour-long line again. because i liked it! (not because i was scared! no way!)

but, anyways. tomorrow. christmas eve. SQUEAL!

*wtcc? (why the cotton candy?): christmas eve party desserts.


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