farewells from elder josh gill.

josh drinks a lot of milk (seriously about 567 gallons per day). he is from colorado but now lives in provo. he has a scooter that’s fun to play around on named hidalgo and he introduced me to the tasty chick fil a. he has a fancy job for byu sports and likes to wear his dress clothes on campus to make that known. he really likes tim tebow, harry potter, and bean and cheese burritos from rancheritos.

…and he enters the mtc tomorrow. and we are so, so proud of him and the decision he has made to serve for two years and leave chick fil a, tim tebow, and his fancy job behind.

i am so proud of you joshy! see you in two years!

p.s. if anyone would like anything like this done, let us know! we loved making it!

p.p.s. we cut out the 5643 times he said “this is so corny…”; ally is a video editing wizard!


2 responses

  1. this might be weird! but I miraculously came across this video of gill and I was WONDERING if you still know how to get ahold of him!?

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