it’s okay.

it’s okay that today that my dinner was soft-serve ice cream with water mixed into it (SO good, try it! costco frozen yogurt works the best).

it’s okay that the lady at gold n’ glow knew my name (it’s inevitable; i am going to be a leather bag).

it’s okay that my internal organs still hurt from holding in a sneeze yesterday (i opened the bathroom door the same time as another girl and saw her as i was winding up to sneeze. i closed my mouth and held it in…i swear my whole body shook!).

it’s okay that i’m just getting started studying for a fatty final tomorrow because i spent all day online shopping for stuff that i’ll never buy.

it’s okay that last night in my intramural game i said “shiiiiii” then quickly, and really obviously, added “zzzz! i said shiz!” (those games get heated! did i mention it was the championship?! don’t worry, we play again tomorrow. ugh.)

it’s okay that i have now lied to my bossypants about my act score (“perfect score! weird, right?”) and gpa just so he would think i am less flighty.

it’s okay that on monday at the store a girl shot her boyfriend a “remind me to never wear this outfit again” look after i told her she looked cute. mind you, i was wearing baggy grey sweatpants, a baggy grey t-shirt, a huge parka, dirty uggs, a wild high bun, and a sparkly headband?

it’s okay that morgan and i save our mcdonald’s cups sometimes so that we can refill them throughout the week ($1.08 adds up!).

and it’s totally okay that my to-do list today had ‘do nails’ and ‘catch up on tv shows’ in front of studying and doing homework. actually, i don’t even think those were on the list.


p.s. that picture is from my lesson in aperture. i’m glad i have fancy friends.

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