things that make me smile.

one: a postcard from my friend murny (thank you, homegirl!)//two: dreaming of italy.//three: elf in spin class (and that tomorrow’s the last day!).//four: a note left in the car door for ally, syd, and me. extremely creepy, but we’ll take it!


2 responses

  1. at least he HAD phone service. he texted me when he boarded the ship but then it came time for him to turn off the phone. which is totally fine because he should enjoy his family trip. but i am sort of just dyyyyying. you got to watch elf in spin class?! coolest thing ever. i love creepy/kind notes. once upon a time i got a sticky note placed on my car window with the words i think you’re cute here’s my number written on it. and i was the weird one who texted it. we ended up going on a date. crazy/creepy/awesome.

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