once upon a saturday, my friends lindsay, josh, landon and i had run out of fun things to do. we were in salt lake city earlier that day watching the cougars play the ducks ($4.00 for a large pop!) and had just gotten back from the riverwoods where we walked in and out of stores and shared a chocolate bar four ways (…whilst reenacting charlie and the chocolate factory; i was the bedridden grandma georgina).

like most attractive young adults, lindsay had a date scheduled for later that night and was leaving us. she let us stay in her apartment where we ate all of her cheese and debated reasons for our dateless friday.

that got boring quickly (the answer was too obvious) and we three were all in the mood to dance and sing. well, i was.

five hours later, a music video was born.

it was one of those things that started out really spontaneous but ended up being a full-blown choreographed production. all done in lindsay’s apartment. while she was out on a date.

behold: book of mormon stories remix’d.

p.s. please ignore the entire part where my face is in the camera. i ran out of facial expressions and was trying to hold in my giggle snorts. we’re definitely going viral.

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