more sundayness.

today in a lovely moment of pure luck, my friend landon scored an extra ticket to the first presidency’s christmas message at the salt lake conference center and i was the recipient! yippity pippity!  the perks of knowing an iranian (irrelevant…but he is iranian!)! i was planning on watching it on the computer in dorm while eating a full jar of peanut butter, but seeing  it live was extra special (and saved me about 1,393 calories…double yes!).

president uchtdorf, eyring, and presidnet monson all spoke about the true meaning of christmas and what we should try and focus on this holiday season. president monson talked about how christmas is such a time of happiness and cheer and remembering all things that are good and important in life and how we should not simply spend christmas once a year, but we should keep christmas in our lives and in our souls all year long.

afterwards, we walked around temple square (accidently…we were actually lost and looking for our other friends) and ate graham cracker ice cream (…and string cheese with sugary bbq sauce, oddly delicious?) at josh’s house. the whole night was well worth the crammed car ride and potential speeding tickets.

hope your sundays were swell.

p.s. i took that picture with my new camera that i’m sort of in love with.

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  1. you lucky duck! my friend and i were convinced the U’s institute would be broadcasting it so we went. no such luck. sooo we decided to drive downtown in hopes that some random person would walk up to our car and offer us two tickets. once again we failed. so we went home did our homework and i watched it later on tv. it was still amazing though even if we weren’t able to watch it live.

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