oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree.

after writing class today, i lollygagged around and tried to put off going to work. i walked around, ate a vegetable tree, mingled with people, mingled with myself, and then…ran out of things to do.

don’t you hate that? when you just flat run out of things to burn time. sometimes when i am in a real snacky mood i run out of things to snack on. like, i can’t humanly think of anything else to eat.

(speaking of: today while in the library–it’s my second day in the row there…who am i?!–i was putting off writing yet another essay and googled ‘secret menus’ at restaurants. DID YOU KNOW that you can get grilled cheeses at mcdonalds? or chicken quesadillas at chick fil a? or a smoothie that tastes like a peanut butter at jelly at jamba?! boy howdy!)

so, anyways, i walked to work and right when i walked in my bossman told me that i was assigned to make one studio more “christmas-like.”

merry first day of december for me! lucky for him i had been listening to mariah carey’s christmas station all morning long and was filled with holiday spirit.

…okay, i realize i did an entirely mediocre job BUT i had limited resources. and limited time. and limited holiday spirit (truth: mariah carey’s station got annoying quickly).

but i did it! so, on the rare chance that you tune into byu weekly tomorrow, look at the christmas tree and think of me…or just order a grilled cheese at mcdonald’s. that works too.

happy first day of december!


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