my oldest brother beau and his wifey (i originally typed ‘new wife’ but then deleted it because it made him sound like a polygamist; stereotype: confirmed!)(…but they are newly married, preshdiddly) rosemary aren’t going to be able to make the long trek up to northern idaho for thanksgiving this year SO we brought the thanksgiving to them!

we had a faux-thanksgiving this year in our hotel. my mother slaved away in the kitchen (…of my dorm…) and we ate delicious stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, and pie with plastic forks and paper plates. deliciously tacky.

afterwards, we all headed to the byu vs. university of idaho game. though i go to byu, i sided with the underdog and let my true vandal colors fly (…that’s a lie; i was wearing gray). we sat in the vandal-fan section and were accompanied by drunken alumnus who yelled things like: “EVEN IF WE’RE LOSING, AT LEAST WE’RE NOT BORING!”; “JOSEPH SMITH WAS A VANDAL FAN!”; and, my personal favorite, “THIS ONE’S FOR FREE WILL!”

…what? we had a good laugh. at any other football stadium, the inebriated die-hard would probably not stand out so much, but amongst the large families and little children (big-ish exaggeration; stereotype: confirmed), they stuck out like a sore thumb (i really don’t understand it but couldn’t think of anything else to say, apologies).

THIS ONE’S FOR FREE WILL! …and faux-thanksgivings. and sore thumbs, too.


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