games with hipsters.

during certain shows(i feel like liz lemon!), i work with an obscenely hipster-like guy who prides himself in his anti-mainstream haircut and indie elitist music.

he loooooves his music and loooooves that no one else knows it.

anyways, the game: so, i get terribly bored at work some days and have to find ways of entertaining myself. some days that means sneaking into the bathroom and taking self portraits in the mirror (…like you don’t do it too! you do, right…?), other times that means doing calf raises and clenching my hineyside for as long as humanly possible (my record: 46 seconds; just try to beat me). the other day, him and i were working together and it was particularly slow, so he suggested that we play some music. naturally, i shied away from the role of playing dj (my music taste is so inferior! speaking of, beyonce’s ‘love on top’…to die for or to die for, right?) and left it up to him, mister elitist indie music man.

after seven minuets and 456 calf raises, i grew bored with listening to his music (it wasn’t even good! there is no way he liked it! it sounded like heavy traffic and creepy whispers!) and grew even more bored with watching his satisfaction over his music taste. it was all too much for me and i knew i had to end the music sharing session before things got hairy. as the strange music played, i concocted a foolproof plan…

the next song he picked, i screamed: “oh my! i love this song (i didn’t. at all.)! i know this band (didn’t, at all)! they’re my fave!”

he seemed impressed and changed the song, challenging my music knowledge.

“AAAAH!! my favorite! this song always played on the radio at home!” (lie.)

“BAH! you are reading my mind! this song is my favesters. we are so similar. wow.” (lie. favesters?)

“OH MY! i heard this song on the top 40 countdown this week!” (lie.)

the more i commented, the more he feverishly scrolled through his iPod, trying to find a song that would shut me up. we ended up nixing the music idea and sitting together…silently…so mainstream…

p.s., watch this.


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