it’s november?

oy (i just started saying that, it’s my hot word of the week! oy! i think it’s fittings seeing as once upon a time my chiropractor man told me that i was jewish…wait, what?), it’s november. i disappeared for a while there (one month) and got lost in the land of school, sleep, and work (remember when i was complaining about being unemployed? oy! to be that girl again! on saturday i worked from 2:30-12 a.m! and then the next morning from 8:00-11:30! oy!). i got into such a routine and forgot to add in blogging. or exercising or being especially hygienic, for that matter.

…but i’m back now! i am like a mcrib sandwich, or cougar town, or brett michaels–you never know when i’m going to disappear and are left wondering if i’m going to make a comeback. or maybe you didn’t notice that i haven’t posted in precisely one month (probably, most likely). in any case, hello.

to catch you up:1. miss uvu competition with my cousin.  suppressed giggles, eye rolling; did i mention that someone’s talent was lyrical dancing? did i mention i go on a lot of girl dates lately?//2. the few perks of work//3. irish taco, yum. yum. yum.//4. a farmer’s market in the stadium parking lot. lots of free samples and lots of  ‘i’m just going to look around for a bit, but i promise to be back and get something!’…i’m the worst…(sorry sweet bread/apple/pepper jelly/peach/honey butter vendors!)5. & 6. vegas, baby! my friend invited me to celebrate one of her high school friend’s birthday in vegas for a weekend. i don’t think i am suited for that place. i just stared and stared and stared at people. at one point while we were out shopping, i decided to take a break and get a fountain drink at the food court in the mall. i think i began drooling at one point. vegas, baby…?//7. and 8. portland with my geemama, kenzie claire, and my mother. i was so happy to spend time with them. we watched the kardashian wedding (4 hours wasted; dangit, kim and kris…), went to a haunted house, and ate out. it was well-worth the hellish 12 hour drive (story to come, promise!).

happy november! (these next two months are some of my favorites.)


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