happy, happy thursday!
after getting nearly twenty hours of sleep yesterday, i decided that today i needed to be productive and use all that energy up. i woke up fairly early (7 o’clock!), downed a black forest cake yogurt (i think it was delicious?), and took a long walk around…places. i usually don’t intend for my walks to be long but with my failing sense of direction, they always are.

the next couple hours were kind of bleck. class. work. bleck. also today mr. manager man told me that he appreciated my unwavering sense of fashion, but i should perhaps try to be a bit more practical with my attire. ha. bleck.

but have no fear! my day turned around again when i walked down to a little eatery on campus and purchased a pb&j sandwich with marshmallows, some red hots, and a drink filled to the brim with ice that could contend with sonic’s.

with the aforementioned and a blanket and book in tow, i made my way outside and had myself a little picnic. the book ended up just being for show. i really just laid there, watched the track girls run by, and suffered from slight eater’s remorse.

the end.

p.s. everyone wish a happy belated birthday to my brother beau as well as a big ol’ congratulations! he landed a kick-a job where he oversees student interns on a trip to cambodia for the summer. kick-a!


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