home, sweet home.

i’m officially a college student. i thought i was before when i started using dry shampoo and not washing my clothes as frequently (okay, ever; new rule: if you don’t sweat in it, you don’t wash it), but i officially am now.

this weekend after byu got thumped by university of utah in the holy war (favorite comment of the game: ‘this is why you should’ve gone on a mission, heaps!)(favorite post-game tweet by a friend: ‘a lot of babies are going to be made tonight at the utes after-party, and they aren’t even going to get suspended for it…’), i went to salt lake city to transfer to the university of utah. but just kidding. i went to salt lake city with rachael and avery to go back to rachael’s house and soak in the fact that we were actually in a house and not in the small, cramped dorm rooms for  the night.

i remember during holidays i would stare at my college-going family and friends in confusion as they took second and third helpings during meals and oggled over the simplest of things like three-ply toilet paper and a quarter-less washer and dryer.

now i am one of them!

when i went to rachael’s house, i couldn’t get enough of how good it felt to be in a home with cupboards full of food and multiple couches to lounge and watch movies and tv on and quilted, 3-ply toilet paper. i think i said ‘thank you!’ and ‘this is just the best day ever!’ upwards of five quadrillion times.

i think i spotted rachael’s cute little brothers shooting us the same confused look i described before.  you just wait, guys…you just wait!

it was such a great little mini-vacation that will have to become a monthly ritual (i really missed that 3-ply toilet paper…).

p.s. if you’re ever in the salt lake area, check out the dodo. it’s a hip little restaurant that refills your drinks before you’re half-way done and has the most delicious pesto salmon and dessert that is worth gaining four pounds over.