dear couple.

dear couple sitting across from me at the library,

first off, hello. how rude of me to not introduce myself! i mean, we are sitting but three feet from each other. so close that i could accidentally play footsie with one of you if i decided to move my legs from the curled up ball they are currently in. i feel like if i tried i could probably touch you…

…nope, too much of a stretch. and you thought i was reaching for my smart water, ha!

anyways, my name is brooke. the girl you two decided to victimize with all your lovey-dovey studying. i still can’t quite grapple why you decided to sit at the same table as me. it is like we are on a date or something! well, maybe not a date. because that would be weird. i am clearly the third wheel in this situation unless i can reach out and touch…

…nope, still too far.

the hour we have spent together, sitting right across from each other, has been very telling. i feel like i have watched your relationship evolve. well, i have watched your casual backscratch evolve into a sensual (borderline obscene) massage session. i’m going to put a stop sign on the lower back lingering right now, mr. stripey t-shirt man.

…and there you go again, really? you seem to be fond of a massage technique resembling someone typing on the keyboard, mr. stripey t-shirt man.

also, what exactly are you studying, pink v-neck girl? you have been staring at your computer screen not typing anything for the past fourty-five minutes while loverboy types away rhythmically at your back.

…then again, i haven’t really done anything in this past hour either. besides stare at you guys. are you noticing me staring at you?

…i think you might be.

well, best of luck on your studies? or something? or whatever exactly you are doing?

xoxo brooke

p.s. after multiple attempts at sneakily taking a picture, i had to give up. the couple shall remain anonymous, i suppose.