friday night ramblings.

(today is going to be a no-caps night; why am i so indecisive?)

the first half of my day was filled with pure academia (i realize this is the wrong use of the word, but it’s a no-caps kind of night) and slight pretentiousness. i started off my day with my morning jog (lie: i don’t jog enough to have a ‘morning jog’)(lie: …i never jog)(lie: i hardly jogged; i mostly just admired my friends jogging. they’re so spry!) around the temple (…at least i think it was the temple…i was crying so hard from my sore legs/stomach/arms/pride that i didn’t even look up).

following my morning jog (lie…), i wandered to the bean museum (pretentious!) with my anthropology class. to my dismay, it is not filled with beans. rather it’s filled with rad stuffed animals (it reminded me of kirk’s basement on the ali’s season of the bachelorette; his dang taxidermist dad ruined it for him!) and subtle smells of puke.


i then dined at the museum of art cafe (pretentious!) with some friends and ate chilled raspberry soup (glorified danimals yogurt) amongst hipsters in stripey tee shirts (pretentious!).

following my m.o.a. meal, i dragged myself into the library and had the most awkward conversation ever with my peer mentor where i realized we never made eye contact once. or talked about anything regarding school. or even introduced ourselves.

(side note: while in the library, i stood behind this very portly woman who was laughing so vehemently that i began to fear she would never stop; that i would be standing there till infinity and beyond, listening to her chuckle)

i ended my day at a back-to-school bash at a dance club in provotown where i realized that my social life is killing my social life. to explain, the more i go out, the less i go out. to explain, when i dance, i scare people.

brandon davies was there. being all moral and stuff?

the end.