awko taco wrap-up.

(left: a vow I made with a friend on a Hawaiian adventure to correspond purely in picture mail…sometimes I have to get creative; right: I got a Twitter and I’m a Tweet-machine…follow me!)

the first week of school was a double-stuffed, supreme awko taco with extra awko on the side. seriously.

let’s reflect:

  1. a visit to the doctor’s office that led me to having to pee in a cup…and on my hand…and accidentally expose myself to the BYU Health Services laboratory via pee-sample drop-box window…oops.
  2. realizing that my goals and aspirations for life really aren’t that spectacular and deciding to, instead, lie to everyone in my ward and tell them that I wanted to be a neurosurgeon (insta-respect!) only to be asked what classes I was taking for the per-requisites (‘uhh…writing…communications…spinning class?…i’m not a neuroscience major…’)
  3. almost dying in a cave in Provo due to long, exhausting girl rants with my lady friends.
  4. deciding to listen to Marvin Gaye Pandora station while on the temple grounds and quickly realizing that I was blasting ‘Sexual Healing.’
  5. starting my Sunday and potential hall mates off with an extremely loud explicative when I realized my alarm hadn’t gone off. hiiiii chipman hall-ers!
  6. spinning class and announcing all-too loudly that the bike was ‘killing my Mosman Multiplier!’
  7. grabbing my go-to shirt (a denim button up a la Walmart) and my go-to pants (denim boyfriend jeans) while hurrying off to class in the morning and realizing that I was a walking denim catastrophe.
  8. dancing with married men in my Social Western dance class (why did I sign up for this class, exactly? answer: an excuse to wear my purple cowboy boots and have the mere chance of meeting a manly man like Garrett Hedlund in ‘Country Strong’)–trying to remember the words to Cotton-Eyed Joe while attempting to not graze hips with my happily wedded dance partner while simultaneously shooting his wife loving, ‘don’t be mad at me! I’m an innocent freshman that wears a rainbow retainer to bed and doesn’t always shave my ankles!’ looks.
  9. looking around in my anthropology class of 7,342 people and realizing that a girl that I creepishly Facebook stalked once upon a time was sitting right in front of me…(that class is so big that no one would notice if I never came…or didn’t wear pants! the thought!)
  10. bragging three times to the same friend about how somehow had told me my voice sounded like Amanda Bynes (I was just so excited!)

…awko taco.