happy birthday, dear morgan.

morgan is my tall, blonde friend. she goes to culinary school here in provotown but we have been friends forevsies. she is the friend i text when people are in the bathroom stall next to me making weird noises. or when i am making weird noises, rather. she is the friend that will help me pop a zit and relishes in cracking my knuckles and can win any ugliest face contest, unfortunately. she’s a dead ringer for khloe kardashian in that she is somehow simultaneously loving and disruptive (“you look so hott, you big, fat idiot!”). she can make me laugh so hard that i pee my pants and am literally in pain but she also can lounge on the couch and watch crappy reality tv with me, providing only the most witty commentary. she knows everything about celebrities, fashion, makeup, and hair. she’s like that cool older cousin.

but she’s not my cousin. she’s my tall, blonde friend. duh.

and it’s her birthday! and she’s turning TWENTY! everybody wish morgan a happy, happy birthday!p.s. once upon a time, i had to shoot the p.k. goal to qualify my high school team for the state tournament(…i was the last resort, everyone else had already shot!). naturally, i missed. i was so, so sad and fell to the ground crying(it was kind of adam morrison, 2006 ncaa tournament type of moment, anyone get my reference?). no one and nothing could console me. the next day, morgan showed up at my house with a plate of sympathy brownies, iced with purple frosting and a little heart made out of red sprinkles in the middle and all was good in the world again. and that’s just the type of person morgan is.

also i hope this wasn’t too saptastic.

morgan’s not much of a sapster.

dirty dash.

on saturday, a group of friends and i ran(well…they ran, i walked and admired their endurance) in the dirty dash. never have i ever been so dirty. but seriously, mud found its way to every nook and cranny…EVERY nook and EVERY cranny! i am forever changed.highly, highly suggest doing this race. and then following up with a long shower, a plate of nachos at costa vida(…mooch them, preferably), and a five-hour snooze. oh! and then watch ‘moneyball’ afterwards and oggle brad pitt!

getting better, like hermoine granger.

two posts in one day?! could it be?!

yes. because my thursday just kept getting better! like hermoine granger’s acting skills!

good: getting stopped at the soccer game and told that i looked exactly like victoria from ‘how i met your mother.’ i imdb’d her and decided she was a  suitable doppelganger (isn’t it the worst when someone tells you that you look like someone horrendous? or that you remind them of someone completely awful?).

better: sonic happy hour. well, it wasn’t actually happy hour. but those sweet, 44 oz. of carbonated goodness make any hour of the day happy.

best: modern family, morgan randall time, and another package filled with love and lemon head cookies from my mommy dear (and a cosmopolitan magazine…scandy dandy, i am a learned woman!)(also feel free to bug her for that recipe; i am a cookie connoisseur and i can say those are easily my favorites).

//phil: guess it’s just one of those things that we’ll never know, like what really happened to the titanic. //claire: …it hit an iceberg. //phil: maybe.


happy, happy thursday!
after getting nearly twenty hours of sleep yesterday, i decided that today i needed to be productive and use all that energy up. i woke up fairly early (7 o’clock!), downed a black forest cake yogurt (i think it was delicious?), and took a long walk around…places. i usually don’t intend for my walks to be long but with my failing sense of direction, they always are.

the next couple hours were kind of bleck. class. work. bleck. also today mr. manager man told me that he appreciated my unwavering sense of fashion, but i should perhaps try to be a bit more practical with my attire. ha. bleck.

but have no fear! my day turned around again when i walked down to a little eatery on campus and purchased a pb&j sandwich with marshmallows, some red hots, and a drink filled to the brim with ice that could contend with sonic’s.

with the aforementioned and a blanket and book in tow, i made my way outside and had myself a little picnic. the book ended up just being for show. i really just laid there, watched the track girls run by, and suffered from slight eater’s remorse.

the end.

p.s. everyone wish a happy belated birthday to my brother beau as well as a big ol’ congratulations! he landed a kick-a job where he oversees student interns on a trip to cambodia for the summer. kick-a!

in the summer time…

in the summer time, me and some friends went and watched edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes at a park in salt lake city.

lots of sweaty indie people, lots of swaying, and lots of outfit-choice-regrets.

but such a good time. i felt so ‘urban outfitters’ the whole evening. ha. now all i need is a townie bike, skinny legs, and a strong liking towards men who have mustaches and wear shpants.

(also, for the record, avery is a concert pro. the lady pushed her way to the front of the line and handled the handsy little hipsters like a champion of sorts.)

the mondays.

my first day of work went…swell? i really just followed mr. manager man around and pretended to be busy. i also got some really strange looks from people for wearing a dress, fur vest, patterned tights, and big boots… it’s fall, people, my favorite time for getting dressed! give me a break.

in other news, chick-fil-a’s ice dream is the victor in the on-going competition for best fast-food soft serve.

and that’s my monday.

high-five for it being over?

p.s. i miss you, mckenzie claire!