love note to may

Sweet mother of pearl, its June. The month of May flew by like a Peregrine Falcon (which is the fastest bird in the world, wouldn’t you know). Even though I love June, I really do, I find myself getting all nostalgic over May (I get nostalgic over a lot of things lately: old Disney TV shows, having no finals, a fast metabolism, when Nene Leaks wasn’t annoying, elementary school in its entirety).May was my favorite. It was like the Chandler of Friends (are you a Chandler fan? I’m a Chandler fan) or the purple and red skittles. May was picnics and puppies and amusement parks and my last school dance ever and allergies and bike riding and large, succulent burgers. May was 31 best days ever!And now it’s June. And June is graduating and packing and moving and college and new roommate awkwardness (it’s inevitable; hypothetically speaking, if roommate is talking while changing, do you continue conversation and just don’t look at them? or do you continue conversation while continuing to look at them…changing? ) and ninety degree weather in Utah (and being modest in ninety degree weather just sounds daunting!).

So this is my love note to May.



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