my phone took a dump…

I entitle this, ‘Things I would rather be doing’ …a pig? How did this take a turn for the worse so quickly? I re-entitle this: ‘Places I’d rather be.’

1. the random store of odds and ends in Utah where they sold Buddhas by the busload and more forks than thought humanly possible.

2. with Morgan, eating the fruits of her baking classes. (she came into our hotel in Provo-town with a backpack full of breads and cinnamon rolls and pastries; I love friends in culinary school)

3. at quarter bowling, even though I hate bowling. I really do. The only things I like about it are the easily accessible fountain drink machine and the drunken bowling devotees with matching jackets.

4. ‘the cocoa bean’ cupcake shop; heavenly.

5. in sunny San Diego, obvs.

6. at the packed Salt Lake City airport with all of my family welcoming my cousin Dan home from his mission.

7. participating in pie-eating contests during ‘Pi Day’ at BYU and pretending to be college students at UVU led by the fearless(and shameless) tour guide, Morgan R.

…ending on an odd number seems wrong, I’ll make it even…

8. in James Franco’s arms, swooning myself to death.


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