6 reasons why my week was great

First and foremost, ogle at my new-found photoshoppin’ skills, would you? I have been looking at tutorials online and practicing my not-so-little tush off. Ogle!

P.S. It wasn’t even a sunny day. I am just that talented.

Now, on to the next thing.

6 reasons why my week was great:

1. On Monday, I wore a bright green pencil skirt that I found at a Goodwill in San Diego (…and Spanx, but that is besides the point) AND my red, Ruby Woo lipstick.

2. I wore heels! To school! The outfit is actually pictured above. That was the one second where I wasn’t teetering around somewhat self-consciously.

3. I got to sign up for my classes next year at BYU; why hello there, introduction to tap dancing.

4. During a meet and greet with the Spanish exchange students today at lunch, a boy in my Spanish class who I was standing beside looked at me in amazement and said, and I quote: “Whoa! I always thought you were some kind of giant, but now that I am standing beside you, you are normal sized!” …I liked that.

5. General conference was on Saturday and Sunday. Although I missed most of it, I was fortunate enough to catch Richard G. Scott’s talk about simple expressions of love–the man loves his wifey! I about teared up listening to him talk about her. (Watch it here.)

6. My mother discovered a delicious (and healthy!) new breakfast that’s so simple: cut up apples and put them in a bowl with a dash of cinnamon and some granola, microwave, add cool whip and enjoy. So, so good. Kim Mosman never fails me.

The end.



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