happy 13th, paige k.

13 reasons I love Paige:

  1. It’s fun to live vicariously through her naturally wavy hair and thin, shapely legs. Seriously.
  2. She’s a domestic goddess! For my birthday she made me delicious cupcakes and can rival my mother in making the best chocolate chip cookies in town.
  3. She overlooks my hypocrisy (some(MOST) days, she’s not allowed to lay a finger on my clothes but her closet is free reign).
  4. Even when she’s mad, she still refers to me as ‘Brookie.’
  5. She has a really soft, sensitive and caring side…
  6. …but she also can make some seriously cruel jokes.
  7. She cares about unity in my family and wants us to be as close as possible.
  8. She’s mature (I don’t really feel like today is her 13th birthday…I feel like she was born 17 years old, weird) but doesn’t roll her eyes too much when I ask her to curl my hair or how long to microwave something.
  9. She is always up for shopping, taking pictures, and eating and is super-fun to dress.
  10. Though she has summoned the eyes of many older boys as of late (DISLIKE!), she doesn’t let it get to her head and still picks Justin Bieber over anyone.
  11. She’s has a clear understanding of homonyms and adverb usage and knows how to spell (girl after my own heart!)(…that was a compli-brag, apologies).
  12. Even though I’ve done and said mean things to her over the years, she still loves me and puts effort into our relationship.
  13. Because she’s my little sister and today is her birthday!

Happy birthday Paige Kimm, I’m going to miss you(and your scarves…and boots…and makeup) next year!


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