thank you, from me

I just arrived home from Utah and I am exhausted–12 hours in a car is TORTURE on the mind, body, and soul…but mostly the butt.

As much as I want to crawl into my bed and fall asleep for 3 days, I am forcing myself to muster out a public thank you to Jason Fritz who accompanied me and my family on our adventure to the land of many children and mini-vans.

BECAUSE: He didn’t whine once when me and Morgan lugged him all over the mall and into frilly cupcake shops where he was forced to eat cupcakes entitled ‘better than “whatever”‘ and sip on frozen lemonade (he even offered insight on my Nordstrom $10 sunglasses purchase!).

AND he didn’t grimace when me and my family spent far too long in the BYU bookstore playing on the iPad and seriously hoping for a Jimmer sighting or when Morgan decided to paint his nails all shades of the rainbow while I watched and screamed over the finale of the Bachelor.

AND he did not stop me as I ranted extensively about this or rambled on about Provo men and their man capris.

AND he drove 11 out of the 12 hours home as I sat next to him, reading People magazine and humming loudly to everything on Pandora ‘Fun Pop’ station.

But most of all he put up with me during the week when I was Diet Coke-less, hungry, and a monster.



…oh, you’re worried he didn’t actually have fun, are you? Understandable.

Rest assured people. I’ve posted the pictures below for proof that this was his best spring break ever–please note his overjoyed smiles in every picture.(The last pictures serves as my personal favorite; he was sick of seeing all the feminine-looking men earn the longing looks of the women of Provo and decided to attempt to fit in more as we were getting a tour of the UVU campus a la Morgan. As soon as he (sort of willingly) adorned himself in my scarf and sunglasses, ladies started staring! Partially because he looked so sharp and partially because we kept yelling ‘JOE JONAS?!’)

(…maybe I should issue another ‘thank you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ post after this for sharing these pictures)