the best day ever!

There are a few things that me and the bearded one love: bulk shopping, road trips, cheap food, and Ross. Today we encompassed all of those into one little outing which resulted in the best day ever!

No but really. We went to Costco with my mother’s shopping list in hand(my family is going through a tub of chocolate covered raisins a week!) and roamed the aisles of bulk goods(…summoning the looks of elderly ladies obviously thinking we were an underaged married couple…sick!). After that we munched on everything in the concessions stand(a drink with endless refills, two hot dogs, a frozen yogurt and a churro for 7 dollars say whaaa?!)(…also, Costco hot dogs, why haven’t I discovered you sooner?!).

Because Costco didn’t fulfill ALL of our shopping needs, we wandered over to Super Walmart across the street and bought the three things on the shopping list…plus a few other must-haves. Amongst these unnecessary items was dry shampoo; this is the second best discovery of the day next to Costco hot dogs.  I think dry shampoo will seriously alter the course of my life: goodbye daily showers!

As we were driving back from Super Walmart and booking it down the Lewiston hill we spotted a frozen yogurt shop in a strip mall. We immediately flipped a u-turn and filled up on frozen yogurt…again.

(Two frozen yogurts in one hour had me thanking my lucky stars that Lewiston is a generally smelly place…I just blended)

Finally we made it back to Moscow and remembered it was Tuesday. If you don’t know the significance of Tuesdays, it means three things: dollar scoop night at Baskin Robbins, new Tosh.O, and restocking day at Ross. Since it was almost the mall’s closing time, we frantically drove over and thumbed through all the new arrivals(a cardigan and a shirt for under $20 say whaaa?!).

And, to place the cherry on top, the terrifically catchy song ‘Born this Way’ came on the never-trusty radio two times.

Best. Day. Ever.

Sidenote: Jason’s frozen yogurt is the top picture and mine is the bottom. Does he not have the palette of a 1st grader?

Completely irrelevant sidenote: On Saturday, I ate three burgers. One for lunch. One for dinner. And one for a late night snack. I think I ate someone’s entire 4H project.


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  1. Dry shampoo is amazing! Really soak in the joy of not showering daily, I sure do. :) Can’t wait to see you next week. Maybe we can sit down and eat a whole cow together. ha ha ha! That sounded SICK. sorry.

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