Dead-end loves

Unfortunately, all flights were booked to San Diego so I couldn’t visit Kylie. I was super bummed out. Thankfully my adventurous little mother helped me make the best of the weekend.

I love her. That lady is up for anything. At 1:00 a.m. on Thursday night I sent her a text: hello mother, i know you aren’t awake but tomorrow can we do something funnn?

At 9, she called me and told me to get ready. We were going for a girl’s day in Spokane!

It was so fun. We went to the M.A.C. counter and bought some new makeup, ate seafood curry, mahi wraps, and carrot cake at my new favorite restaurant, Mizuna, and relieved our anxieties over the pending question (BYU or no BYU?!) with some retail therapy.

Delicious day.

On Friday, I willingly went to the Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never with my mother and sisters.

Folks, it was magic.  I had to keep suppressing my girlish squeals by shoveling popcorn into my face.

I fell in love.

After that, we went to La Casa (where my sister ordered a burger, typical) and I fell in love, again. This time it was with the waiter (he had an accent, dimples, and a faux-hawk…that is all I’ve ever wanted in a man!, plus some beard-age).

Of course I didn’t say anything to him. Besides a very mispronounced ‘torta.’

But he knew what I really meant by ‘torta.’ He knew I meant ‘Hey baby, I know I’m a very obvious 18 years of age and am still in a haze from seeing the Justin Bieber movie, but I am in love with you, I think.’

(Truth: he had no idea what I meant by ‘torta.’ He just told me it was some form of a sandwich and stared at my Justin Bieber drawing on my napkin)

When I left the restaurant, I felt so defeated. I really missed my opportunity at love.  I texted my friend Nikki: i fell in love with a waiter tonight. and justin bieber. i so badly want his(the waiter’s) number and am craving an excuse to go back.

(never say never!, Thank you Justin)

(Truth: I didn’t actually want his number)

Nikki arrived at my door 20 minutes later declaring her and her friends were going to La Casa. Of course I joined them.

…he was engaged.

And not to me.


And Justin Bieber is 16(17? 15?) and famous.

Dead-end loves suck.


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  1. First off, I loved that you sent a text to your Mother who I’m sure was in the same house with you. And that she called you back. . while still in the same house. HA HA HA! Oh, I love/miss you guys! Glad you had a fun weekend!

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