Surprisingly pleasant

Yesterday I had a surprisingly decent Valentine’s day that began with slow-cooked oatmeal from McDonald’s(with extra brown sugar) and ended with a giant Hawaiian plate dinner from Loco Grinz(complete with mushy-gushy couples of all sorts).

Above are the Valentine’s I gave three of my Valentine-less friends. The first one is an unsentimental cookie, it tastes just as delicious as a sentimental one, I assure you.After that are pictures of the homemade fortune cookies I made featuring less-than uplifting fortunes(i.e. ‘Someday, someone will look past your bad looks, piss-poor personality, and perpetual body odor and love you. Maybe.’)

Also, I got this.

Mister-Saint-Valentine-man must’ve known I am both a snoop and a sap. How fitting.


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