week-long brain fart

I’ve been suffering from a week-long brain fart. Every time I try to write something, it sorta, totally, kinda completely stinks.

(I think I’ve set the standard too high… Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hilarious in my latter posts? So witty? So insightful. Yeah. That must be it…)

To catch you up:

This weekend I went to Sky High with a group of my friends. What is Sky High you ask? Answer: It is a giant, warehouse filled with trampolines, foam-pits, and inevitable pit stains. Most fun thing ever. Though I realize I should never go there with anyone I want to be romantic with for multiple reasons (my trampoline face is not cute, things kept bouncing after I stopped, and, like aforementioned, inevitable pit stains).


That’s about it.

My life is back to long naps and half-hearted trips to the gym.

Happy Monday!

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