Top knot(ch)

Two items of business:

First off, I am in love with these people:

It’s getting a little out of hand. I envision myself in their pictures; head sprouting up out of the background, undoubtedly doing a thumbs-up sign with a crazed smile. And the girl whose name is surprisingly not Taza (it’s Naomi, she went to Juliard… making this whole dream of being them more unattainable) is pregnant! And she wears vibrant lipsticks and top knots!

Mirroring Naomi, I got pregnant. But just kidding.

Mirroring Naomi, I bought three shades of vibrant lipstick and donned a top knot today.

(which reminds me of another story: One time I bought MAC’s Ruby Woo red lipstick. I loved that lipstick. I would always put it on in the house and wear it around, imagining I was something fancy of sort. Then! Then one day I got gutsy and wore it to school. Worst reaction ever. Teachers and students felt the need to remind me that my ‘lips are really red!’ and that I ‘was wearing red lipstick!?’ all day long. It was a horribly unnerving for me and my lips.)

Second off(Secondly?): Today, tired from my day of finals, I slung my backpack on the couch, flipped on the television, and began reviewing for my government final. I was so consumed by studying that I didn’t notice the channel was on a basketball game.

Fifteen minutes later, my older brother Clay walked in, slung his backpack on the couch across from me and asked me if I would judge him if he changed the channel.

I was momentarily confused by question and reassured him that no, I would not judge him if he changed the channel.

He then sat upright, lunged for the clicker(do you call it that? or a remote control? every time I say ‘clicker’ I get questioning looks), and turned on the TV.

Every move he made seemed so purposeful that he earned my attention. I was intrigued.

He quickly browsed through the DVR recordings till he found his show of choice: Gilmore Girls.

“What?” he asked.

(apparently I hadn’t masked my confusion)

“What? You can’t judge me–Lauralie kissed Luke and Dean and Rory slept together…and Dean is married!”

I laughed and judged him, but only a bit.

(the one pooch in my life that I do like)

Oh! I almost forgot!

Today, my friend Taylor( & I went to an etiquette dinner at my church. We wined and dined and had a grand ol’ time talking to a seven-year old named Jeremy.

Illustrating my utmost etiquette, I grabbed three knives and put them in between my fingers and asked him if he had ever seen the movie X-Men.

He looked at me and said with such seriousness: “I don’t like superheros.”

Bewildered and slightly embarrassed that I had knives in between my fingers, I asked him why he didn’t like superheros.

Matter-of-factly, he replied: “I’m not a usual boy.”

I’m just going to guess he is going to grow up watching Gilmore Girls with his sister.

And he won’t care if his sister wears unflattering shades of lipstick

and hairdos which accentuate the unfortunate squareness of her head.

And I love that.


2 responses

  1. Wow – my son says he is “not a usual boy!” Thanks for being so great to him yesterday Brooke! He really loves you girls!

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