Resolutions or something

During winter break, I religiously took baths.

(I’m sure this arouses(wrong word to use when speaking of baths?) thoughts of pure relaxation and luxury. Of baths salts with names like ‘Lavender Grove’ and ‘Sensual Amber.’ Or, on the completely opposite side of the spectrum, of that horrible scene from The Shining(if you don’t know what I am talking about, click on the aforementioned:

But that is besides the point.

The point: As I was taking my less-than luxurious bath and was almost-enjoying myself amongst the defective bubbles(darn you, Ross bubble bath), I looked down.

Is this getting too graphic?

But anyways, I looked down. Only to find that all of the mozzarella sticks, bean dip, and over-salted fries I called my diet over the past couple years had caught up with me and was beginning to form a pooch that was then emerging from the water.

I shrank into the water for a mere second then began to assess the rest of my body only to discover that I was now squishy. That’s right, squishy.

But that is besides the point.

The point: After sulking until my fingers and toes had become raisin’d, I had an epiphany(or something).

Right there amongst the defective bubbles I decided that, in 2011, I was not going to gauge my happiness on external factors.

I was going to be happy, despite my ever-growing pooch and ever-dropping grades. I was going to be happy, despite my frizz-happy hair and awkward dance moves. I was finally going to give myself the break I deserve– after all, being squishy is endearing, right?

Which brings me to my resolutions:

1. Be happy (despite the previously mentioned) and don’t depend on others to make that happen.

2. …maybe lose some squishiness. It’s really not that endearing when you’re trying to wear white pants and a silk blouse.

3. Survive. And maybe work on my domestic skills along the way. And maybe my dance moves too. Oh, and stop compulsively lying on job interviews.

Oh, and maybe improve my music taste.

But probably not.


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