Hats off to you, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Things about 2010 (in no particular order):

  1. All the people that filled it up. I felt like 2010 was spent with the people who I genuinely love and who genuinely love me.
  2. Saving lives. No really, I did. Well, not really. Once upon a time I was in a wave pool in Boise with my beardy-man, Jason. We were trying to balance on a stolen tube when we noticed that there was a large, ginger child (in other words, a day walker) suffering to stay afloat right next to us. I quickly jumped off the tube and tried to give it to him, but he was struggling so much that he couldn’t hold on to the tube. Jason had to jump into the water and try to shove him and his now-bare-butt up onto the tube. I began to simultaneously cry, laugh, and urinate from the sight of this. Fortunately, the ginger was saved. Hopefully he’ll enroll his 14-year-old self in some swimming lessons.
  3. Being a senior. Though most of my friends have ventured off to different colleges in various states (or to the University of Idaho down the street) and no longer roam the ill-colored hallways of MHS alongside me, I love that I am now a senior. Everything is more fun. And I am that much closer to being done with school (…only to be met with four more years of college).
  4. San Diego, California! I was fortunate enough to visit San Diego two times this year, once for spring break and then again the first week of June. The first time was spent with my cousin Ryne and my friend Kylie–we played a lot of chatroulette (I don’t recommend this) and gorged ourselves with HoDad’s burgers and milkshakes. The second time was my most favorite–Kylie and I drove all the way down there to drop her off at college and was met by Morgan and Aleigh. There we gorged ourselves in girl-time, In n’ Out, and Bubba Sparxx.
  5. All things summer-time.
  6. Playing the role of Mr. Bud Weiser: Folks, Utah is an odd place. Plain and simple. When I visited my toe-headed friend Morgan there this year, Provo did not disappoint. We attended a ‘white trash’ party where there was arm wrestling, macaroni and hot-dog eating, and good ole honky-tonk-ing. Morgan, Hanna and I really got into our costume; Morgan was Becky, a 32 month pregnant chain-smoker who fancied all things John Deere; Hanna was Starla, Becky’s child from an illegitimate father (who was brown); I was the notorious Mr. Bud Weiser, a man who, clearly, couldn’t put down the bottle.
  7. Learning that moles really do grow back again. While we were in Portland visiting my Geemama, my sister McKenzie offered to scratch my back. McKenzie prides herself in her mass calcium intake and her fingernails prove it. As I was sitting on the edge of the bed, enjoying the back-scratch-session, I felt a sharp pang and turned around only to see that McKenzie had scratched my most favorite mole right off. I held a grudge over that for a few weeks. Fortunately for our relationship and for the sake of my back, the mole grew back. Thank you for that 2010.
  8. That I’m 18!
  9. What I learned: To sum it up, I learned that organized sports may not be my calling anymore, that I actually can’t Dougie, and that, despite all of this, I am still okay.
  10. That it’s over!

To 2011: Please don’t let me down.


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