My sister, who I like.

No, this is not child soliciting.

This is my sister, Paige.
Recently, I’ve discovered that I like her.
Now, I’ve always loved her in that sister-ly way. You know, I’m obligated to love you but heavens, do you drive me batty when you do that thing you do…you know, with the chomping and the food and the…
Anyways, I’m getting off course. Point: I like my sister.
A lot actually.
Is she not the most stylish thirteen year old ever? It’s so unfair! At thirteen, I had bright blonde hair, thick dark eyebrows, and a body that made me look like a male gymnast. She, on the other hand, knows how to curl her hair, put on makeup (something I cowered away from; it was all clear mascara and Bonnebelle lip gloss for me), and has the daintiest legs.
Oh, how I envy her legs. They’re so…shapely.
But what I love most about my sis is her domestic ability. Seriously. She is going to make some little hubbsy very happy one day (I mean, those legs alone…!).
Please take a gander at her talent and feel free to gawk:

For my birthday; they were out of 'I'm legal B%$@*!' candles unfortunately.


Note the roses, por favor.

I mean, c’mon!
She’s putting my no-bakes to shame.
She tends to do that these days.

But I still like(!) her.

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