Let’s play catch up.

Dear whoever is reading this,
We are going to play a game of catch up. I have so much to tell you(whoever YOU may be, I am presuming just Kylie, Morgan, Nikki, and, on the rare occasion, my Mom). I’m going to do this ‘catching up’ thing through pictures! BRACE YESELF!


Yes, I bake. Well, I baked. All by myself.
Yes, I am domestic. Well, I am getting there. All by myself(not true).



Beau’s coming home! Beau’s coming home! ’tis been two years! I was just thinking about it, do you realize he won’t even know about Ke$ha?! Bieber fever?! Lady Gaga?! Ali and Roberto?! It absolutely blew my mind. I won’t be able to speak good ol’ American with him(American=pop culture references, constantly). What will we even talk about? Yeeeeppp!


Boy-man grew some beardage!

Sig-O grew a beard!
And I went to the lake(which isn’t the same without Kylie and Morgan) with him, my sister, and all her friends. We skinny-dipped, without Jason o’course, and I am pretty sure I creeped all of them out. There is a definite unsaid rule about how far apart everyone should be and I broke that, repeatedly.
Oh well.

The plight against a crappy senior year has begun!
Though there has been a roadblock: my phone is busted(ish). It works at random times. So, if any of you(whoever you are…) are attempting to get a hold of me, do so through: Facebook, calling(I can SOMETIMES answer the phone), snail mail(I just love mail, never get it), or calling my house. Or my mom. Or just not calling at all.

Well, I am off to bake something.
But probably not.


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